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Dr. Lee Pickett

Author: Dr. Lee Pickett

Lee Pickett, VMD, practices companion animal medicine in North Carolina. Contact her at Copyright 2023 Dr. Lee Pickett and distributed by

laundry pod

Laundry pods toxic to pets

Q: My cat Milo is a "dog cat": He comes when I call, fetches small balls and loves to play with toys. Last week, I caught him batting around a laundry detergent pod. Should I let him play with those...
cat and dog playing outside in the grass

No Lyme disease vaccine for cats

Q: My veterinarian doesn't offer Lyme vaccination for my cats, who spend more time outside than my dogs. Is a vaccine available for felines?  A: A vaccine to prevent Lyme disease in cats is not available because it's not clear...
cat scratching fleas on fur

Does my cat have fleas?

Q: My cat, Purrsephone, is scratching and has tiny black specks throughout her fur. What's causing this, and what should I do about it?  A: It sounds like Purrsephone has fleas. Those black specks that resemble finely ground pepper are...
Black cat eyes beginning to glow

Why do cat eyes glow in the dark?

Q: I recently adopted a handsome orange male tabby cat named Henry. At night, his eyes are luminescent, reflecting a variety of bright colors. Is he unusual, or do all cats' eyes shine in the dark? What causes this magic? ...
cat eating food from dish outside

Carnivorous cats require meat-based diets

Q: I am a vegan, and I want to feed my cats a vegan or vegetarian diet. What's your advice?  A: Veterinarians who specialize in nutrition recommend against feeding vegan or vegetarian diets to cats because research has shown that...

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