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gray cat on hotel desk chair in room alone

Finding a cat friendly hotel

Summer is the perfect time for a warm weather getaway. If you’re planning to take your cat on the road with you, you’ll probably need overnight accommodations—and finding cat friendly rentals can be tricky. Here are some practical tips to...
young boy holding small kitten

Tips for adopting a kitten

Kittens are curious, loving, playful, and just plain adorable, but all those cuteness points don’t help them face their toughest challenges. Abandoned or orphaned kittens face health risks such as parasites, predators, and road accidents. Many end up in crowded...
dog dad with husky on lawn

Pet safety in the summer

Each year, about 6 million lost or abandoned pets find themselves in animal shelters. In the case of cats, less than 2% are found by their owners. Additionally, overburdened and under-resourced shelters are forced to euthanize many of the animals...

Cats and cannabis dangers

As cat lovers, we all want our pets to enjoy a safe and healthy environment. Unfortunately, not everything that’s safe for humans is equally safe for cats. As cannabis and related products have become more widely available, the risk of...
Cat sitting in grass in yard on July 4th

Cat safety tips for July 4th

Independence Day is a time for summer fun, cookouts, and of course, fireworks. But did you know that reports of lost pets increase by 30% during and just after the holiday? And of those pets reported missing, fewer than 15%...
pet memorial stature in garden

Pet memorials celebrate their lives

The loss of a beloved pet is devastating, and the grief that follows can be slow to ease. Some pet owners have found comfort in creating or purchasing memorials for their pets—mementos that can serve as reminders of the loving...
children picking out a cat to adopt

Using Petfinder to adopt a cat

Adopting a pet is a big step but a rewarding one in so many ways. If you’re ready to take the plunge and add a feline companion to your family, Petfinder is a great place to start.   If you’re not...
vet tech holding cat in front of xray display

Wellness veterinary costs for cats

If anything is certain, it’s that having a pet isn’t cheap. As your kitten matures, they will need to visit the vet to get all of their required shots, get spayed or neutered, go to a routine check-up, and once...

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