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Child holding shelter cat with volunteer's help

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Animal shelters are often overcrowded, and with resources limited, euthanasia has become an unfortunate reality for many pets. Each day in America, between 4000 and 10,000 shelter animals are euthanized. Sadly, many of these animals are healthy and adoptable.   June...
Black cat eyes beginning to glow

Why do cat eyes glow in the dark?

Q: I recently adopted a handsome orange male tabby cat named Henry. At night, his eyes are luminescent, reflecting a variety of bright colors. Is he unusual, or do all cats' eyes shine in the dark? What causes this magic? ...
pet memorial stature in garden

Pet memorials celebrate their lives

The loss of a beloved pet is devastating, and the grief that follows can be slow to ease. Some pet owners have found comfort in creating or purchasing memorials for their pets—mementos that can serve as reminders of the loving...
cat eating food from dish outside

Carnivorous cats require meat-based diets

Q: I am a vegan, and I want to feed my cats a vegan or vegetarian diet. What's your advice?  A: Veterinarians who specialize in nutrition recommend against feeding vegan or vegetarian diets to cats because research has shown that...
tabby cat and dog looking out window together

Can cats and dogs be friends?

We’ve all seen the cartoons–dogs chasing cats, cats outwitting dogs. And the phrase “fight like cats and dogs” had to come from somewhere. But what’s the truth behind the tropes? Are canines and felines really sworn enemies–or can they live...
Picture of an American bobtail kitten

Profile of the American bobtail cat

Looking for an eye-catching cat that’s a playful cuddler? The American bobtail may be the purr-fect feline for you! Known for their snub tails, stout stature, thick fur, and overall rugged appearance, bobtail cats have become a favorite of pet...
Bengal cat walking on a leash

How to train your cat to walk on a leash

Most of us have seen the Instagram-famous adventure cats who explore the wilderness or bike across entire countries with their owners. And most of us are (rightfully) in awe of this. How do they get their cats to do that,...

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